Space over your Refrigerator

Space over your Refrigerator

📅April 17th, 2015, 11:16

Space over your Refrigerator. What can you do with that?

What about the space over the refrigerator? If you have a 24″ deep cabinet, it can be too deep to access and stuff gets lost in the back. In a standard wall cabinet depth, projecting 12″ or so from the wall, accessing the contents of the cabinet is difficult because it’s too high and far back and there’s always stuff in front of it, on top of the refrigerator.

Here are 3 ideas for alternative use of the space:
Space over the refrigerator For a 24″ deep cabinet, vertical dividers provide storage for cookie sheets, platters, muffin tins, trays, and other large items stored on edge, enabling easy retrieval and not having to unload a stack of things to get to the bottom item in the pile.

Space over the refrigerator TVA cabinet (with or without pocket doors) can hold a TV for out of the way placement that doesn’t have anyone’s head in the way of viewing. Be sure to provide connections during the construction phase.

Wine storage above a refrigerator is not a great idea. The warm air from the refrigerator and rising room air keep wine too warm and can speed its deterioration – oh no!

An open cabinet with a matching, finished interior is a great, out of the way spot for display for special, seldom used items such as a large soup tureen or a group of teapots.

The planning phase of a kitchen remodel, where everything is given a home in the new space, is important so that each item can be considered and either sent on its way to a new family, stored in a more appropriate location, or given a place in the new kitchen.