Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen During Remodel

Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen During Remodel

📅July 26th, 2013, 08:23

Setting Up a Temporary Kitchen During Remodel

Plan a location outside of the remodeling area to act as your temporary kitchen. Make sure that it includes:

A refrigerator
Small, dorm-type units often work best and often have freezer spaces for storing frozen dinners.

The microwave
Don’t forget to stock up on microwave-safe dishes and microwaveable meals.

A “kitchen sink”
Consider where your water source will be in relation to your temporary kitchen. Stock up on bottled water. You may need to wash dishes in the bathtub—make sure you keep cleaning supplies, trash bags, and dishtowels handy.

The coffee maker
Keep filters and coffee close at hand.

Utility utensils
Don’t pack away everyday items like can openers, sharp knives, and bottle openers.

A dining area
Set up a table for eating and food preparation, preferably near your microwave and fridge.

The essentials
Tell your kids you’re picnicking…use paper plates, napkins, and disposable silverware.
Ordinary items like condiments, cereal, and salt and pepper should be easily accessible.

In the weeks before the work begins, keep a list of all the restaurants you’ve been meaning to try.
Your list will come in handy for a quick escape!